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Circus Dance Lab 2020

12 - 17 October 2020
Campo Calabro (RC), Italy 

Group photo - Circus Dance Lab 2020

Despite all the challenges and restrictions of 2020, our vision carries on!

As a frame, we chose Reggio Calabria, Marika’s beloved homeland, in southern Italy.

We soon realized it truly does take a village to raise a "child"!

While we were already there, the presidential decree changed. We were no longer allowed to use indoor spaces, the gym we were associated with.

Even though we also had a beautiful outdoor space at our disposal, the weather didn’t cooperate and it rained almost every day. 

As a result, we'd like to thank the Mayor of Campo Calabro for giving us access to this unique spot, the Umbertine fortifications of Forte Batteria Siacci. Built-in the 1800s to protect the city from potential attacks from the sea, they also rescued a group of dreamers in 2020 :); 

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Marika´s family for carrying out the tasks beyond our control.

Last, but not least, thanks to all our fantastic participants who patiently “rolled with it” and have been so supportive, understanding, and brave working with us as a team!

 © Giacomo Corvaia

Circus Dance Lab 2021

18 - 24 July 2021

Belmonte Calabro (CS), Italy

Group Photo - Circus Dance Lab 2021

It's exciting to realize how our community is growing!


It has only been one year since our vision started to take shape! CDL 2021 has been such a blessing!

Twenty-six talented and fabulous human beings from different countries came together during the second edition of CDL Intensive to share their passion and enthusiasm, take on new challenges, make new friends and stand on them! 

We have found the most beautiful haven, Ex Convento, where to make this magic happen, and we can't wait to go back next summer!

CDL 2021
CDL 2020
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