Magda | Handstand

Magda’s class is focused on technical details, body position refinement, support and control.
You will practice a series of two-arm handstand balance exercises and

varieties of drills progression for all stages of press handstand and one arm handstands posture.

The exact topics will depend on the level of the individuals.
We will use wooden platform, blocks and canes.

During the class you will work also on your flexibility so that you can be creative and

have more fun while you are upside down!


Marika | Floorwork 

Marika’s class combines influences from diverse disciplines such as floor work,

release, breakdance, and contact technique.
The class is very physical and athletic, focusing especially on the detail of

performing tricks effortlessly while using the various parts of the body as levers.
She encourages each student to push its own limit,

while remaining aware of its body in relation to the space.
During the class, a dynamic combination of both floor and standing elements will be developed, through which students discover how to use the floor to create propulsive force to perform visibly complex movements using a minimal physical effort.


Nico | Acrobatic

During his class, Nico will guide you from the basic elements of acrobatics on the ground to more technical flips in the air.
Through specific exercises you will work on holding and releasing your body, building small danceacrobatic phrases and controlling your body in the space.
The focus will be on building a solid acrobatic foundation, from which you can freely explore your range of possibilities, gain more freedom, creativity and awareness during your practice.

Nico&Magda | Partner Acrobatic

The focus of Nico and Magda’s class is finding the most effective way to do tricks

with a solid technique.
They will help you to move to the next level and touch more complex skills.
The level of the class will be adjusted to the participants. If some drills are too hard,

they have some pre-exercise for you and for those who are more advanced,

they can offer an exciting menu :
• different entries and exits of H2H and F2H;
• one arm and one foot exercises;
• head balancing;
• dynamic drills : courbette/cascade/banquine;
• three high.

 And more !


Giacomo&Marika | Contemporary Partnering

The main focus of Giacomo and Marika’s class will be fluidity and connection.
They will develop and guide you into a sequence made of impulses, body manipulations,

spirals, contact technique, taking and giving weight, lifts and falls to improve your physical communication with your partner.


Salvatore | Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling, takes place in loading, using special balls, studied in size and consistency, through a technique that is based on three simple fundamental principles: bone stimulation, tendon stimulation and muscle stimulation.
The result is a sense of overall well-being, greater flexibility of movement, elimination of joint pain, reduction of injuries related to movement.

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